Bonga's first album, the politically charged Angola 72 recorded in European exile, was a landmark hit record that set the pace for acoustic African troubadours and set the tone for the successes of Waldemar Bastos and Henri Dikongue 25 years later. His follow up, Angola 74, was recorded on the run in Europe just as Angola's colonial government was being overthrown, and adds a more upbeat flavor to his trademark introspective style. Still using acoustic and traditional instrumentation, he is abetted by Guinean sax man Jo Maka and some of Cape Verde's finest musicians. Included is a version of "Sodade" (made famous by Cesaria Evora), a perfect vehicle for Bonga's raspy voice, replete with a thousand years of African soul in spiritual counterpoint to the "morna"-full arrangement. Elsewhere the inclusion of additional percussion, sax, and flutes provide a celebratory, if somewhat edgy, carnival feel that spins the compass between Africa, Brazil, and Portugal. Bonga later moved into a more cabaret mode of expression, so these are watershed recordings for Angolan music.

"An inimitable, essential voice in contemporary African music, recognisable among a thousand in its tender huskiness, which sounds as if it has been filtered through a light screen of nostalgia."

(Les Inrockuptibles)

"Bonga, a voice of Angola, a unique touch, a sobbing prayer and a sway of the hips that incites the listener to delicious abandon."

"Bonga has a husky voice and incomparable feeling - guaranteed melancholy."
(Le Monde)

"Beauty, harmony and a slightly cracked voice are, as always, the main qualities of his music, a music we decidedly never tire of."

CD 1
01. Mona Ki Noi Xica.mp3
02. Uengi Dia Ngola.mp3
03. Balumukeno.mp3
04. Ku Tando.mp3
05. Kilumba Dia Ngola.mp3
06. Muadikime.mp3
07. Luanda Nbolo.mp3
08. Mu Nhango.mp3
09. Paxi Ni Ngongo.mp3
10. Muimbo Ua Sabalu.mp3


CD 2

01. Sodade.mp3
02. Venda Poro.mp3
03. Kubangela.mp3
04. Makongo.mp3
05. Roots.mp3
06. Ghinawa.mp3
07. Marika.mp3
08. Ngana Ngonga.mp3
09. Ai-ue Mama.mp3
10. Kinga Kueta.mp3

part 1.
part 2.

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