The band was formed of young people living in Szabolcs-Szatmár county and Budapest in 1989. The members of Ternipe are native gipsy young people who strive to make their folk music and folk songs become widely known. It was necessary for them to establish such band in order to popularize the authentic gipsy culture and overcome prejudice with fostering their mothertongue and rich culture. Their aim was to keep traditional communal and regional values. Their ambition now is to make people recognize the existing gipsy folk tradition including songs and instrumental folk muisc. The band’s sound system is unique since the fifth and thirds brings such interpretation of music that you can only meet in Far-Eastern or Balkan culture.

Ternipe can be characterized by songs in gipsy language, among the instruments they prefer accordion, violin, double bass, viola and instrument imitating things like the so-called ’rolling’ and ’mouth bass’, as well as the usage of cans or spoons to replace instruments. At the beginning, the band gave shows in camps, youth clubs and arts centres, then they got several foreign invitation as well. Gradually, they became popular.

01. Haj de Romania
02. Dukhal muro jilo
03. Tula
04. Na gindyin muri gazsi
05. Adyes me pijav
06. Suno san tu
07. Csak te kellesz nekem
08. Numa tusa
09. O barvalo shavo
10. Sikav lasho drom
11. Kalyi shej
12. Avri phenav e lumake
13. Ma este en mulatok
14. Sostar pusaves tut

Balogh Mária - Song
Balogh Tünde - Song
Farkas István - Song, Guitar, mandolin
Sztojka László - Doublebass
Lakatos Gyula - Keyboards
Lakatos Béla – Kettle
Bihari Zsolt - Guitar, Song



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