Folk music of the Balkan Peoples, and of the Southern Slavic Nationalities living in Hungary.

A selection of folk songs and dance tunes from many parts of the Balkans. Illustrates the wide diversity in folk music from the Balkans. Dances and melodies from Serbia, Hungary, Moldavia, Crete, Thrace, Romania etc.

The Rece-Fice Ensemble was founded in 1992. Their aim is to get acquainted with the folk music and dances of the peoples from the Balkans (Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Thrace) and of South-Slavs (Serbs and Croats) living in Hungary. Some members of the band are from these backgrounds themselves, and others combine their music careers with studying Bulgarian or ethnography. When forming the ensemble, its members were partly beginners, partly musicians gaining experience in other music styles and groups. In recent years they have successfully performed on numerous occasions, from folk music festivals to balls, university clubs to folk pubs.

While extending their repertoire continuously they strive for a more authentic performing style by discovering the specific features of different regions. To achieve this they try to seek out original folk musicians still alive and existing archive material. They also acquire original musical instruments or make them according to authentic designs. (One of their members is an instrument-maker and holder of the "Young Master of Folk Arts" award.

01 - Bánáti táncok
02 - Ćape
03 - Starinsko kolo
04 - Baranyai sokác táncok
05 - Baranyai dallamok samicán
06 - Rokoko
07 - Krétai dallamok
08 - Vino pije moj dragan
09 - Čumičanka
10 - Zelen orah
11 - Moldvai román táncok
12 - Šarena račenica
13 - Trák énekek
14 - Sop vidéki táncok
15 - Širok Dunav

Szabolcs Árkosi - bassprim tambura, accordion, voice
Panni Avar - prima tambura, tambura-viola, bulgarian tambura, samica
Piroska Deli - voice, caval, double bass, tambura-viola, baglama, tambourine
Judit Jablonkay - shepherd's pipe, kaval. voice
Tünde Mag - voice
Edit Szick - violin, double bass, gadulka, bouzouki
Ágnes Tiszavári - voice, tapan, darbouka
Iván Vitányi - accordion, prim-tambura, bassprim, double bass, tapan, voice

Roza Bancseva - voice (14)
János Krucsay - bagpipe, derbouka, tapan
Géza Orczi (from Zsarátnok) - bassprim tambura
László Perger (from Zsarátnok)- cello tambura



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