Formed in 1995, Söndörgő play Yugoslav (Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian) Bulgarian and Greek folk music. The members of the band are young people, being the sons of members of the Vujicsics ensemble.
Typically, much of this music is played on the 'tambura', which is a musical relative of the lute. The tambura comes in various sizes and is usually played at a ferocious pace.
After playing small but regular gigs, it wasn’t long before they were playing in more serious venues, and have performed together with the Vujicsics Ensemble and Márta Sebestyén.

Their musical interest turned towards southern Slavic folk music and the archaic tradition strata of the Balkans. Their repertiore consists mainly of Serb and Croat tunes played in Hungary.Relationship between the members of the ensemble dates back to the elementary and secondary school years. Among others, it was the example of the Vujicsics Ensemble that contributed to the development of their approach of music. Members of the Söndörgő Ensemble study the collections of great folk music researchers like Béla Bartók or Tihamér Vujicsics, as well as whatever still exists of Serb and Croat folk music. Their style is built on that of tambure bands. On occasions, there appear the accordion , the flut, the clarinet as well as the characteristic musical instruments of the folk music of the Balkans, such as the kaval, the gajade, the tarabuka, the tapan, the litárka. Apart from performing in Hungary as well as abroad, their (folk) dance house programmes are also very popular.

01. Toncikino Kolo
02. Vrapcevo Kolo
03. Veliko Backo Kolo
04. Malo Kolo
05. Makedonsko Oro
06. Krnjevacko Kolo
07. Cacak
08. Cucuk
09. Sirok Dunav
10. Skripi Deram
11. Oj Stari Starce
12. Jeftanovicevo Kolo
13. Kukunjesce
14. Stari Rokoko
15. Banatsko Kolo
16. Ratevka

Szlobodan WERTETICS - tenor tambura, accordeon, voice
György BOKROS - litarka, double bass, voice
Áron EREDICS - tambura, tenor tambura, drum, voice
Dávid EREDICS - tambura, clarinet, bagpipe, flute, voice
Attila BÚZÁS - tambura, alt tambura, drum, voice

Jovan BELOS - voice




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