"Latvia's folk revival is a pretty recent phenomenon, dating from only the early 1980's. It began as a reaction to the Soviet occupation and continued to grow along with the country's independence movement. ILGI was formed at the beginning of the revival by singer/violinist Ilga Reizniece and has gone on to release eight albums. The group uses traditional folk song as a springboard for rock, jazz, and new age experimentation. Using traditional and contemporary instruments, they create a sound that is both fresh and ancient. Each song is like a miniature fable, telling a short but evocative story using imagery from folk culture and the natural world.

The lyrics have a colorful atavistic poetry that says more in a few short verses than many lengthy ballads do. They are set to music that has an anthemic sweep and rock-inspired drive. Vilnis Strods' assertive drumming provides a propulsive underpinning for the mix of hammered dulcimer, bagpipes, fiddle, jaw harp, electric guitar and bass. Each track has a unique personality created by varying mixes of instruments and no fewer than six different vocalists (three of them guests), each with his or her own timbre and take on the music. The sexually suggestive "Es Guleju Maigu Miegu" (I was a light sleeper) is one of the most driving tracks on the release, with fast-paced alternating male and female vocals over swirling fiddle and bagpipe. "Runa Laudis, Ko Runa" (People Are Gossiping) has a quieter, vaguely jazzy 6/8 sweep. Latvia has a fine group of musical ambassadors in this versatile, skilled ensemble."

The album features the voices of Ilga Reizniece, Maris Muktupavels, Gatis Gaujenieks and Ruta Muktupavela, Ilga’s mesmerizing violin, Maris on kokle, dudas (bagpipes), accordion and recorder, Gatis on bass and giga, Egons Kronbergs on guitars and Vilnis Strods on drums and percussion. In the 2003 year of its release it reached 17th place in the World Music Charts Europe, and was praised as one of the top twenty world music albums of the year.

01.Nesmejieti jus lautini
02.Rita rasa krita
03.Shkersu dienu saule teka
04.Kaza kapa debesis
05.Ozolinsh sadega
06.Tiem bus sargat parvadinu
07.Es ar sauli sadereju
08.Tumsha nakte zala zale
09.Ozoliti zemzariti
10.Runa laudis, ko runa
11.Kas tur naca par jurinu
12.Es guleju maigu miegu
13.Jura gaju naudu seti


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Machig said...

Excellent stuff from Ilgi; really great find any more?

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