"If you share our fascination with the vocal inventiveness of human beings, this is for you. The Tuvan people are said to be descendants of Ghengis Kahn. They live just north of Mongolia in the exact center of the Asia, surrounded by mountains which have helped to keep them isolated. As a nomadic herding culture a closeness with nature permeates their lives and is the mainstay of musical culture. It is said that the throat singing for which the Tuvan's have become so well known came from listening to the resonance of the empty steppe. The singing of multiple notes at the same time by one singer can be historically traced back to the eighth century and may well be much older. Shu-De is a troupe of five musician/singers with an arranger who share with us exquisite examples of the five varieties of throat singing in both accompanied and unaccompanied arrangements. The Tuvans are the best practitioners of singing harmonic overtones, and Shu-De is one of the best groups in Tuva. Explore your world!"

01. Sygyt, Khoomei, Kargyraa [Styles of Throat-Singing] Traditional
02. Aian Dudal [Songs of DeVotion and Praise] Traditional
03. Beezhinden [Coming Back from Beijing] Traditional
04. Buura Traditional
05. Durgen Chugaa [Tongue Twisters] Traditional
06. Throat-Singing and Igil [Untitled Track] Traditional
07. Yraazhy Kys [The Singing Girl] Traditional
08. Shyngyr-Shyngyr Traditional
09. Baian-Dudai Traditional
10. Khomus Solo [Jaw\'s Harp Solo] Traditional
11. Meen Khemchim [My Khemchik River] Traditional
12. Opei Yry (A Lullaby) Traditional
13. Tyva-Uriankhai Traditional
14. Chashpy-Khem [The River Chashpy] Traditional
15. Kadarchynyng Yry [The Nomad Song] Traditional
16. Kham [Shaman Ritual] Traditional



Anonymous said...

right now i'm re-searching jew's harp music, everything i can get. you posted some nice things here and at sfrp, thanks for that!! found much of this kind of music at the russian noname-forum (tuva-rock), maybe you posted there, too.


Anonymous said...

thank you !

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