"The 2005 release by the Flemish folk rock band features three great female vocalists, Kadril singer Mariken Boussemaere, English singer Heather Grabham and the wonderful Hungarian singer Szilvia Bognár. The songs include traditional Flemish, Hungarian and British emigration songs and tunes.

Flemish band Kadril gives us a history lesson on a disc with this multi-faceted release. The nineteen songs here loosely weave the story of emigration to America through the port of Antwerp during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. They've invited a few friends along to help tell the story. English singer Heather Grabham, Flemish singer Mariken Boussemaere, and Hungarian singer Szilvia Bognar lend their voices to the tale. Adding touches such as clawhammer banjo, brass band, and spaghetti western guitars to the traditional buzzy, drony Flemish sound makes this one of the more variegated releases to come down the pike in a while."

01. A fényes nap
02. De gespeelkens
03. The New York trader
04. Túl a vizen - ördög söre
05. Treurig lied
06. The Dreadnought
07. Elment az én rózsám
08. Matty Groves
09. Mikor a szoroson
10. The Americans have stolen my true love away
11. De scheiding
12. De Lutine - Le canal en Octobre
13. De andere kust
14. American Tune
15. Ludasim, pajtásim...
16. Kecskés
17. Gone to America
18. Cluck old hen - Whiskey before breakfast
19. Amerika is een schoon land

Mariken Boussemaere, vocals;
Bart De Cock, bagpipes, nyckelharpa;
Erwin Libbrecht, accoustic guitar, Irish bouzouki, koboz, vocals;
Harlind Libbrecht, dulcimer, mandoline, vocals;
Peter Libbrecht, violin, vocals;
Hans Quaghebeur, hurdy gurdy, fife, accordion;
Dirk Verhegge, electric and accoustic guitar, 5 string banjo;
Koen Dewaele, electric bass;
Philippe Mobers, drums;

with guests
Szilvia Bognár, Heather Grabham, vocals;
Stéphan Pougin, tapan;
Didier Heggerick, tuba, trombone;
Henk De Loose, trumpet;
Filip Demeyer, sax;
Koninklijke Harmonie St. Cecilia Boezinge;
Koninklijke Fanfare St. Cecilia Elverdinge


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Anonymous said...

Izgalmas keverék! Köszönöm! Nagyon is kedvemre való! E.

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