"This CD is a further milestone in the band's passion for experimentation. The music of Gipsy Cimbalom Band is a 'great meeting' of different musical genres. The ensemble search for those association points, through which it is possible to interpret what might seem from many other points of view diverse music. Due to the high level of their technical ability with their instruments their imaginative ideas are effortlessly realised on these selections. The compositions are not mere reconstructions of pieces from each source area since the music, like Gypsies, crosses boundaries and the band manages to find unexpected combinations and juxtapositions. These traditional tunes merge seamlessly in the hands of the accomplished musicians as they swerve from style to style, constantly improvising around the main theme. This music is no longer ‘traditional’ but universal. Frequently on one piece the music of just one nation is played, as on, combining standard Romanian folk dances 'doina' and 'sirba'. Likewise a characteristic Transylvanian Gypsy dance, and the, which originates from Moldavia.

This band is guaranteed to put a spring in the step, bring a smile to the face and refresh the appetite of even the most jaded musical palette. After extensive touring through Europe and North America in recent years, in 2003 they step forward once more onto the world stage with a new programme and accompanying CD. Humour and irony, often self-referential, are evidently theirs, without which their music surely could not be genuine. Besides, virtuosity, a firm grounding in classical music studies, love of jazz and knowledge of and respect for different peoples' music are common denominators for the musicians of Gipsy Cimbalom Band. These elements are combined to provide a special musical experience for the listener."

"Kálmán Balogh plays the cimbalom, an activity resembling someone spanking a small piano's innards with a pair of elongated shoe horns. If that sounds unwieldy, it's not. The Liszt Academy graduate employs a light virtuosity which, with his group's three fiddlers, one doubling on trumpet, guitar and bass, produces a highly mobile musical Cook's tour. Moldavian, Macedonian, Romanian, and Bulgarian tunes, a hint of tango, flamenco and klezmer all feature alongside a fiddle excursion into birdsong and finger-shredding brilliance. Another find. I'm running out of gold stars."

Rob Adams, Herald

01. Vizesés szirba - Waterfall Sirba
02. Reggeli kávé - Morning Coffee
03. Briul Lui Hacsaturjan
04. Keserédes kávé - Bitter-sweet Coffee
05. Cigány körtánc - Gypsy Round Dance
06. Sánta ördög - Lame Devil
07. A titkosügynök szerelme - The Secret Agent's Lover
08. Karaván - Caravan
09. Csillagok, csillagok - Stars, Stars...
10. Csingerálás
11. Lisa, Lisa

Kálmán Balogh - cimbalom
László Major - violin
Sándor Budai - violin, voice
Ferenc Kovács - trumpet, violin
Sándor Kuti - guitar
Csaba Novák - double bass

János Láng - violin
Csaba "Brunner" Váradi - viola


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


Unknown said...

it's me Darkman, Bluesmen :)

I got this one in 128 kbps..

Is this one also in 128 (so i wouldn't need to d/l it for nothing basically)...

Let me know plz

P.S.. - and for this reason only you should try to mention "kbps" for releases ( year would be nice too of course :) )

Cuz sometimes people alredy have the release.. - but by not knowing the quality, and hoping to improve the one that they have, they d/l the release, only to find out that it's the same thing...

etc :)

Bluesmen said...

Hi Igor (DarkmAn)!:)
Sorry for the bad quality, I exchanged it for a better. This 192.kbps...
There is some reason for him, how I do not write it why the kbs, but we may talk about this in correspondence on himself possibly...
I do not put worse one up at 192 fundamentally (this current one was a chance).

Unknown said...

ok.. - so now it's 192 then?

then i will d/l :)

by the way.. i am NOT Igor...
and my gmail is at Darkman00@...

was just logged on to that email that would show "Igor" :)

That is why i let you know that i wasn't Igor (or his email) but Darkman :)

Unknown said...

actually .. are you sure they are not both the same quality? (like both, say, at 128 or both at 192)?

Cuz .. this one's file size at Rapid.. is 74376 KB

and the previous one's file sizes at Rapid.. were: 35282 KB and 40000 KB (for a total of 75282 KB - which is like the same thing more or less .. or the previous one even 1000 kb bigger) :D

Let me know plz!

(and you can PM me at mp3.. (hungarian) forum .. or at ska.. forum and let me know why you don't indicate "kbps" in your posts here generally :)

cuz i noticed at ska.. - lately, when posting, you DO! ;-)

Unknown said...

ok.. - i d/led the current one (one file at Rapid.. - 74376 KB

and it's indeed at 192 kbps :)

Anonymous said...

Love this kind of music, thanks a lot.
I was positively surpised by the trumpet player, great sound.

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