"Everybody knows klezmer music, but what we can hear on this exceptional album is the ancestor of klezmer - the forgotten old Jewish music of the Carpathian Basin.

Muzsikás has recoded these songs after years of research, which produced interesting results - for example collecting music from gypsies, authentic players of klezmer, or finding instruments such as the guitar-like 'zongura' or drum with cymbal. The results of this research are all here on this wonderful album.

The beautiful trustworthy voice of Márta Sebestyén brings a special breath to this recording."

01. Khosid Wedding Dances
02. The Rooster Is Crowing
03. Dance From Máramaros
04. Lamenting Song
05. Ane Maamin
06. I Have Just Come From Gyula
07. Farewell To Shabbat
08. Jewish Dance From Szászrégen
09. Hat A Jid A Wejbele
10. Jewish Csárdás Series From Szék
11. Khosid Dance
12. The Greeting Of The Bride
13. Haneros Halelu
14. FareWell To The Guests

Sándor Csoori - violin, viola, guitar
Péter Éri - Guitar, Kaval, Viola
Dániel Hamar - Double Bass, Gardon
Mihály Sipos - Violin

Márta Sebestyén - voice
Csaba Ökrös - violin
Gheorghe Covaci - violin
Arpaf Toni - cimbalom
Gheorghe Florea - 'zongura'
Ioan Florea - drums



Anonymous said...

very cool. thanks!

whiteray said...

This looks fascinating! Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that this music existed. Thank you so much. I am really enjoying this.
I am certain that this will become a part of my life.
thank you again

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