"The 17 HIPPIES are back! They are no hippies, they are rarely 17 (between 13 and 20 musicians depending on the gig), their musical background ranges from rock-pop to classical and jazz, they sing and play accordion, trombone, trumpet, violin, cello, clarinet, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, guitar and double bass. Their style is a quintessence of many genres: Bavarian zwiefacher, Russian songs, Polish waltzes, Swiss zweutletscht, Jewish freylaks, Anglo American popsongs, Corsican dances, Scottish flings, Bulgarian oros, French chansons, Hungarian melodies, Latin-American tunes, North American ragtimes and many more. "

01.Frau Von Ungefahr
03.Paso Doble
06.Was Bleibt
08.Damsons la Valse
10.Saint Behind the Glass
11.Valser Nel Bosco
12.Hotel Cazane
Hoyaka Suite:
13.Hoyaka (Intro)
15.Soy em Gadde

17 Hippies:
Christopher Blenkinsop (chant, guitar, bouzouki, ukulele)
Dirik Trageser (chant, guitar)
Carsten Wegener (chant, slide guitar, bouzouki, oud, harmonica, contrabassoon)
Anna Katharina Kaufmann (alto, violin)
El Schneider (guitar, balalaika)
Lulu (guitar, banjo, background vocals)
Moe Jaksch (guitar, double bass)
Werner Lutzow (tenor banjo, trombone)
Bernhard Kruppke (violin, fiddle)
Daniel Friedrich, Kerstin Kaernbach, Silke Volland (violin)
Meduli (fiddle)
Koma (flute, cornemuse, percussion)
Kiki Sauer (flute, accordion)
Antje Henkel (flute, clarinet, alto saxophone)
Kruisko (accordion, background vocals)
Henry Notroff (clarinet, bass clarinet)
Rike Lau (clarinet, background vocals)
Johannes Kevenhorster (clarinet)
Jens Domberg (trumpet, bugle, background vocals)
Uwe Langer (trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba)
Elmar Gutmann (trumpet, background vocals)


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

I downloaded the file but I can't unzip, it asks me the pass, and then doesn't unzip correctly. Are you sure the file is not corrupted? Thank you anyway

Unknown said...

Thanks again man!
Great Upload

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