Dikanda is a young Polish group, founded in 1997 by accordionist and singer Ania Witczak. They play a mix of traditional East-European and gypsy music, plus their own compositions.

"How to describe the music of Dikanda? Acoustic folk rock meets haunting Eastern European female vocal? Klezmer rock? All of the above, plus more, comprises Dikanda's special sound - and that's only the first song on their album USZTIJO. Violin, accordion, standup bass, guitar and frame drum are featured; yet they rock like crazy - and meld perfectly with that haunting voice!
Their idea was to play music from across Eastern Europe, so songs and melodies from Poland, Bulgaria, the Ukraine, and Macedonia meet Jewish and gypsy music. Dikanda really knows how to build drama as well: check out cut 4 on USZTIJO, a cut called 'Amoriszej': it sounds like something American Jay Ungar might have come up with, but more adventurous with the percussion.
Some bands take three or four listens of the complete cd to become fully involved and to appreciate the music: Dikanda had us all in the palm of their collective hands before the first song was halfway played."


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


pumpki&mo said...

love love love them since .. don't remember ;)

my favourite album is 'Muzyka Czterech Stron Wschodu'.

what a luck i found your blog- keep on doing it as well as you did so far (just added it to my favourites on mine ;) )


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