After a succesful concert series the band recorded their second album Folklore beats you up in december 2005. The title reflects the multifaceted and energetic nature of this new album. The album, which was recorded in Hungary, mixes the original authentic gipsy music with popular latin or balkan music style, sometimes using riffs reminiscent of the Gipsy Kings. This is a youthful, spirited music spiced up with elements of balkan music such as was made popular by the film "Black Cat-White Cat".
The band pays special attention to the quality of their music, of which this CD is an excellent example. Each recording contains 8-10 live recorded tracks of music perfromed exclusively with accoustic instruments, all of which have a fresh and modern sound (in some cases with suprising rap inserts).
With their second album, the Szilvasi Gipsy Folk Band continues to enrich their style. As the title indicates, their music is lively and rousing, and from a folklore point of view party music. As well as singing in both Gipsy and Hungarian languages, the songs are also accompanied by clarinet, tambourine, guitar, violin, cello and jug, the sounds of which remind us of the traditional Gipsy bands.The highlights of the album are the entrancing slow songs (tracks No. 6 & 11) and the Spanish style influenced song (track No. 13) - in the rap segment of which, the performers speak of their goals in breaking down the walls between people. The ingenious song intros, improvisations and interplay between the musicians as well as the musical variations often woven in counterpoint to the voice elements, taken together with appearances of both international pop music and classical elements make this recording especially entertaining and a satisfying experience.
The Szilvási Gipsy Folk Band presents a value that you can't just leave without comment, since the folklore present in the tracks of this album really will "beat you up"!

01. Fáj a kutyámnak a lába
02. Duj duj deshuduj
03. Zsavtar mamo
04. Taj o Perez barvalo
05. Jaj de robog a vonat
06. Kezdnek már a gyepek
07. Kothe besjom
08. Muro shavo
09. Spiritusz
10. Cigánybíró
11. Fekete hajú galambom
12. Négy cigány pergető
13. Zsav po lungo drom
14. Ahaj Devla
15. Tamburica
16. Kana ando foro gelem

Szilvási István - vocals, vocal effects, spoon
Bangó Tibor (Perez) - guitar, vocals, vocal effects
Suha István - contrabass
Lakatos János (Guszti) - jug (water can), vocal effects
Oláh László –cymbals

Also performing:
Balogh Tibor - derbouka,
Lukács Csaba - clarinet
Bede Péter - saxophone,
Soós András, Soós Csaba – violin,
Dangerous kids - Rap



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