"One of the most individual, definitive and exemplary representatives of the Hungarian jazz world. As Garbarek with the Eastern European, and Coltrane with the African music traditions, thus Dresch has taken elements of the authentic traditional music of Transylvania into jazz.
His music doesn't work with, it lives on the traditional culture, and consciously speaks for the heritage hidden there. The folk posture which is built into his music gives him a foundation, which offers a secure basis from which he takes flight in jazz and improvisation. His recordings which are primarily instrumental in character, do not simply paraphrase traditional melodies, but the texts can also be heard. His music is enveloping, personal and intimate; strength and faith radiate from it. His work is known the world over. On an international level, he is placed amongst the finest musicians.
His musical career began in the seventies. He was the founder and for years a definitve member of the Binder Quintet. His now totally matured, individual taste, can be distinguished upon hearing the first note. From early on, his distinguished playing style and fantastic inprovisational technique, won the attention of the professionals as well as the audience. Later he formed his own quartet, in which all the major figures in Hungarian free and improvisational jazz have done a turn (István Baló, Róbert Benkő, István Grencsó, Félix Lajkó and many others). He is a permanent member of György Szabados' the leading Hungarian leader of free music, band; of the MAKUZ Ensemble; as well as of the well known Csík (folk music) Ensemble. He regularly takes part in countless international festivals, concerts and jam sessions."

"I believe that we can like both the purest jazz and traditional folk music."

Dresch Dudás Mihály

1. Kelj fel juhász
2. Profána
3. Fény-árnyék
4. Folyondár / Áradás / Áttetszõ víz / Sodrásban
5. Hazafelé
6. Lábnyomok

Mihály Dresch - Saxophone tenor and soprano, flute, voice
Ferenc Kovács - violon, trumpet
Mátyás Szandai - bass
István Baló - drums

Part I.
Part II.


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