The CD includes the first recordings by A Hawk And A Hacksaw and The Hun Hangár Ensemble, a group of extraordinarily talented Hungarian folk musicians, brought together with the help of influential Budapest music centre Fonó Budai Zeneház. The songs, both traditional (Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian and klezmer) and A Hawk And A Hacksaw originals, were chosen by A Hawk And A Hacksaw’s Jeremy Barnes to highlight the individual skills of each of the six musician.

The songs were carefully chosen to showcase the individual prowess of each of the six musicians, in ensemble pieces (such as ‘Ihabibi’), duos (‘Király siratás’, featuring violin and cymbalom) and solo pieces (the virtuoso cymbalom of ‘Vajdaszentivány’. Perhaps most impressive of all is ‘Zozobra’, which features only Balázs (cymbalom) and Jeremy (everything else), and sounds like it ought to be sound-tracking Buster Keaton.

1. Király siratás (Trost)
2. Zozobra (Barnes)
3. Serbian Cocek (traditional, with additional melodies by Barnes/Trost)
4. Romanian Hora and Bulgar (traditional) live, somewhere in Europe, 2006
5. Ihabibi (traditional, with additional melodies by Barnes/Trost)
6. Vajdaszentivány (traditional Hungarian melodies)
7. Oriental Hora (traditional)
8. Dudanóták (traditional Hungarian bagpipe melodies)

Jeremy Barnes - various instruments
Heather Trost - various instruments
The Hun Hangár Ensemble
Béla Ágoston - Hungarian bagpipes, clarinet, alto saxophone
Ferenc Kovács - trumpet, violin
Zsolt Kürtösi - upright bass
Balázs Unger - cymbalom



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the share; I would otherwise never have known of this band. I'll definitely investigate and buy their stuff.

fulltext said...

A Hawk And A Hacksaw - Darkness At Noon (2005)

A Hawk And A Hacksaw - A Hawk And A Hacksaw (2002)

Anonymous said...

Sajnos a link már nem él.
Fel lehetne esetleg újra tölteni?

Nagyon köszönöm !

Bluesmen said...

Most néztem meg, nekem működik a link.
Próbáld meg újra, lehet hogy a Data makacskodott.

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