This is a fairy tale told in song: the songs are independent but linked, like the pearls of necklace, together they form a precious piece, a magical lyrical story….

My initial inspiration came from the many children with whom I’ve played a game known as the rose-finding journey over the years.
I was guided further by the symbols of the Hungarian folksongs, folktales and poems, and, above all, by my dreams and the experiences of my own soul; for this piece is not only for children, adult questions are raised as well.

For me, it is not so important that the listener – child or adult – follow the story logically, but rather that they meet the main characters of the tales I sing: Sindbad, Balint Balassi - a Hungarian poet from the 16th century - and Boris Vian.
As they meet them, so they will meet the main questions contained in the songs: Why is it so important to love and to be loved, where is the border-line between dream and reality….
Or, perhaps, as they listen they simply find their imaginations moving through this strange world full of wonderous music and sometimes surprising sounds…

My colleagues Gryllus Samu and Bolya Mátyás and I wish our listeners many long intimate evenings, listening to the music and looking at the paintings. As they do so, so they help us to weave a musical magic carpet across land and sea…."

01. My uncle Laci
The Garden
02. Morning walk – As much roses as exist
03. The witch
04. My bird, who stole the Rose?
05. Let us hit the road
Dream Castle
06. Castle song
07. French Dance Master (Dance "Toppantós“, "Pontozó“, "Volta“)
08. House of Complaining Women (Virgin’s song, Old girl’s song)
09. Dinner of Great Men
10. Jazzclub (Coctail Piano, Tunnel to Hell)
11. Bagpipe player from Hell
Gypsy Camp
12. Mamo csitté
13. The Man called Imruska
14. "Sing a song for me!“
15. We are the roses
16. The crash of the Witch
17. Blessing
18. Husband-to-be, Wife-to-be
19. Ride, my little horse
20. Wake up

Füri Anna, Sebő Ferenc, Fazekas Gergely (Gregoire Potier), Szabó Dániel, Daróczi Ágnes, Szokolay Dongó Balázs, Novák Csaba, Dés András, Fassang László, Nyíri László.

Part 1.
Part 2.


TSUGOI said...


What a great world music blog!

I've tried to download this album but unfortunatelly part 2 has a dead link. Can you solve this?

Thank you for all

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