Ancient Hungarian folk songs with contemporary accompaniment - the unique sound of Makám. Makám was formed in 1984 with the purpose of establishing a peculiar form of community playing music, a special synthesis of harmonies, trying to show the common characteristics belonging together in music cultures of different peoples and contrasting musical forms.
This is a sort of chamber music containing the elements of ancient Hungarian folk music, classical and contemporary music as well as jazz and rock. It's melody and rhythm are influenced by the East European, Balkan, African and Oriental music.
We are convinced that the ancient Hungarian Folk Music is in deep relation with Eastern Traditions. So we arrived at the cultures which are, geographically, far from Hungary.

02.Akármerről fújjon
03.Kerek a szőlő
06.Fúdd el jó szél
07.Kiszáradt a tóból
09.Estéli imádság

Lovász Irén - voice
Bognár Szilvia - voice
Grencsó István - sax, "tilinkó", harp
Thurnay Balázs - kaval, udu, flutes, vocals
Bencze László - double bass, piano
Krulik Eszter - violin
Mizsei Zoltán - sansa, chimes, vocals
Gyulai Csaba - udu, debourka, viola
Krulik Zoltán - guitar, piano, Roland W30
Lengyelfi Miklós - bass
Szőke Szabolcs - gadulka

All the music is composed by Zoltán Krulik, based on traditional Hungarian folk songs



Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great music you've posted in the last few days! I'm looking forward to exploring it.

Anonymous said...

Makam is a very interesting group. I had "Approaches" on vinyl at one time & this makes me want to dig it out & then find a turntable to play it!

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