The inspiration for this encounter between Hungary's Iren Lovasz and the folk-jazz-bluegrass band Teagrass came from Michal Shapiro, a New York-based music producer and journalist. As usual, Shapiro was right. There could be no better companions for a musical exploration of the various ethnic enclaves and nationalities living along the Danube River. Balkan, Gypsy, and Jewish tunes turn up, flanked by several songs of specifically Moravian or Hungarian origin. The acoustic nstrumentals are creative, tight, and clean. Teagrass employ a hurdy-gurdy, viola da gamba, fiddle, clarinets and saxophones, plus flutes and bass, but the mandolinist makes the strongest impression. The group has an eclectic quirkiness that is refined but not inhibited by Lovasz's erudition and cultural integrity, and the ensemble provides an ideal setting for her flawless singing.

01.Nem egyszer
02.Vüstyi, vüstyi
03.Kdyby mne tak bylo
04.Verjen meg az Isten
05.S örözgeti vala
06.Üstyen, Üstyen
07.Szól a kakas már
08.Piros pántlikámat
09.Kedz sa mily
10.Márton Szép Ilona
11.Hegyen, földön
12.Byla cesta
13.Széles az a Duna



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