"This album begins with a prayer at dawn, and ends with a lullaby. Between these two blessed moments, different currents meet, though they sing of the same: of desire, of the deep and secret energy of life, which spark love, faith, and sound, and call the listener to play and to feel. I speak of the language of traditional music, cultivated by millions of souls, but which still resounds with a new, personal voice. 0The Hungarian folk songs : my roots, joy and sorrow in my own language. The gypsy songs : freedom, humor, with a bitter taste, rhythm and expressivity. The Psyché poems are in a playful form, but speak of the joys and conflicts of a passionate half-gypsy woman. I have great appreciation for the power and beauty of Bulgarian music. I offer three interpretations here, the results of work with very different musicians. The Persian song , like a precious box: it takes time to enjoy each sound. My musical sensibilities resonate with this enormous tradition, which is at once near and far.

I sing, fly from branch to branch, seek and find. I hope you enjoy the journey."

Palya Bea - ének
Szokolay Dongó Balázs - furulya, szaxofon, duda, doromb
Dés András - ütősök, kanna
Geröly Tamás - ütősök

Arco'lor trio:
Monori András - gadulka
Kerek István - hegedű
Farkas Zoltán - cselló

Kárpátia zenekar:
Bolya Mátyás - koboz
Eredics Dávid - klarinét
Buzás Attila - tambura, nagybőgő
Jakabffy Balázs - drum

01. Hajnal / In the Morn (Hungarian)
02. Úton / On the Road (Bulgarian)
03. Szelence / The Precious Box (Persian)
04. Pey-Dabadi (Hungarian Gypsy)
05. Rikoltok / Sparrow's Song (Hungarian)
06. Ágról-ágra / From Branch to Branch (Hungarian)
07. Hegyezd füled / Listen, Friend (Hungarian)
08. Tánc / Dance (Romanian)
09. Ne csicseréssz / Dont's Whistle (Hungarian)
10. Devla / Gypsy God (Transylvanian Gypsy)
11. Doromb-boy (Hungarian Gypsy)
12. Patak Parttyán (Hungarian)
13. Szózat Katitzához a férfiak ügyeiben (Hungarian)
14. Sáros-Pataki polgár leány (Hungarian)
15. Lüktetés / Heartbeats (Bulgarian)
16. Ketten a hegyen / Echo on the Mountain (Bulgarian)
17. Altató / Lullaby (Hungarian and Melanesian)


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