"The music is in their blood! As in many parts of the world Roma musicians are peerless in musical entertainment in Hungary as well. The cornerstones of the music of Kálmán Balogh and his fellow performers in the Gipsy Cimbalom Band are their distinguished instrumental knowledge and virtuosity inherited through famous musical dynasties on one hand, together with their familiarity with different musical genres and styles.

Kálmán Balogh has been honing his undoubted musical skills for twenty years or so now, playing with the best of Hungary's folk musicians with excursions into classical, jazz and rock, both at home and abroad. The Gipsy Cimbalom band provides him with the opportunity to fulfill a more personal musical vision and although his dazzling mallet work is a highlight of their performance, the band do much more than provide a foundation for the cimbalom - they are all dynamic and versatile musicians with equally eclectic musical taste and it's hard to know from which direction the next thrilling contribution will come. In this band Kálmán and his fellow musicians present the instrumental music performed by Gypsies in the Carpathian Basin and the Balkans - Hungarian, Rumanian, Bulgarian and Macedonian..."

01. Hora jazz
02. Aven shavale... (Gyertek fiúk / Let's Go Boys...)
03. Bolgáros
04. Ederlezi
05. Mahala
06. Moldáviai cimbalmos
07. Romnya lel muro shavo... (Megházasodik a fiam... / My Son's Getting Married...)
08. Erev shel shoshanin... (Rózsák estéje... / Night Of The Roses)
9. Zavaros a Nyárád... / The Nyárád Is Troubled...
10. Saxy hora & sirba
11. Cimbalom improvizáció

Kálmán Balogh – cimbalom (1-11)
Ferenc Kovács – violin, trumpet (1), (2-7, 9-10)
Péter Bede – tenor sax (1-10)
Frankie Látó – violin (1-5, 7-10)
Mihály György – guitar (1-10)
Csaba Novák – double bass (1-10)

Ági Szalóki – voice (7)
Flóra Polnauer – voice (8)
Kinga Krámli – voice (9)
Gusztáv Balogh – voice, oral bass (2, 4, 7)
Gábor Pusztai – percussion (1-5, 7-10)



zeporro said...

gracias por compartir la música.
thanks for the music.

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