The music on the album is a fusion of Hungarian, Irish and Bulgarian folk, presented with an authenticity and ease that forges the different traditions into a unified work of art. The arrangement makes use of the traditional instruments of the three cultures, surprising the listeners with a multicultural swirl of music. The album shows Parov’s vision clearly: even though nations and cultures are different, the music offers an universal way of expressing human feelings; we share our feelings of love and sadness with each other and a music expressing these feelings is addressed to every one of us. That’s the way Nikola’s music becomes everyone’s music.

01.Ha te tudnád
02.Shto Kaszmete
04.Volt nékem szeretőm
05.Édes voltál, kedves voltál
07.Átkozott gyötrelem
08.Két ragyogó szép szemedért...
09.Se nem eső
10.Tavasz után
11.Ha te tudnád [Remix]



Anonymous said...

This file doesn't download as a zip file; it shows its download type as "all files" and I don't really know what that means! But I can't extract the music with alzip....

Bluesmen said...

It is necessary to rename it: or Herczku .rar and already all OK!
But upload it again, the link repairing.

Anonymous said...

Can you give me the password to open these files with the winrar? Thanks

Véda-hangulatok(k) said...

Már kerestem, köszönöm!!

Anonymous said...

very good blog!

Purple Ragdoll said...

Köszönöm az albumot. Azt hiszem, erre az oldalra még visszatérek párszor... :)

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