Live recording of the music of the “Gitans” show.

“The music of the world is fused into the playing of virtuoso guitarist Thierry Robin. In addition to performing as a soloist, Robin has collaborated with Rajistani percussionist Hameed Khan, Breton guitarist Eric Merchand, Indian singer/dancer Gulabi Sepera, Yiddish accordionist Eddie Schaff, and Turkish percussionist Okay Temiz. Forming an 11-piece band, Nao, with Moroccan, Kurdish, and Indian musicians in 1985, he composed music for French/North African fusion band Jonny Michto, two years later. He formed a trio with Merchand and Khan that combined Breton and northern Indian influences in 1989 and a Turkish/Kurdish/Breton fusion group that he shared with Merchand and Temiz in 1993. Robin, who launched his career in the mid-'70s by playing traditional music in western France, has remained eclectic on his own albums. He recorded the Gypsy-influenced album Gitans in 1993, with a ten-piece group that combined Indian, Arabic, Flamenco, and French folk influences. While he recorded Le Regard Nu (the Naked Look) as an improvising soloist responding to nude models in the studio, Payo Michto was recorded live during a tour of France. Kali Gadji, released in 1998, features a heavy brass sound and combines influences of Arabic, Flamenco, and the Wassoulou music of Mali.
Craig Harris, AMG

“This native of Angers is a brilliant guitar and Arabic oud player. His group is more than ever a family, a tribe.”

01. Mehdi
02. Patchiv
03. Que Tu Amor
04. L'exil
05. Katchur Khan
06. Payo Michto
07. Cuivre
08. Variations Sur Indifférence
09. Tona Del Lobo
10. Los Tanguillos
11. La Petite Mer
12. Rumba Do Vesou No. 11

Thierry "Titi" Robin: guitar, oud, bouzouki
Gulabi Sapera: vocals
Paco el Lobo: vocals, palmas
Joseph "Mambo" Saadna: vocals, guitar, palmas
Amar "Bruno" Saadna: vocals, guitar, palmas
Francis Varis: accordion
Bernard Subert: clarinet, bagpipes
Abdelkrim Sami "Diabolo": bendir tehti, darbouka




zeporro said...

thank you for this album.
a greeting.

GuillermoBlogeado said...

amazing album, I had a VBR copy but 192kbps is not bad.

Should you have the CD please do not hesitate on ripping it on 320kbos, you would make me happy!

Thanks a lot

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