Rembetika was the Music of the Urban Greek Underground of the 1930's. It is Often Known as 'the Greek Blues' and Its Singers Inhabited the World of the Tekedhes Or Cafes around Piraeus, Athens and Thessaloniki. Café Rembetika features Four of the Greatest Stars of the Piraeus Scene who Later Fromed the First Rembetika Supergroup, Markos Vamvakaris, Stratos, Batis and Artemis. Also Featured Are Leading Singers from the Café Aman Tradition, Rosa Eskenazi, Rita Abatsi and Marika Papagika. Here Then, is a Collection of Some of the Greatest Songs from the Golden Age of Rembetika.

01. Anestos Delias (Artemis) - The Harem in the Turkish Baths
02. Yiorgos Batis - The Record Producers
03. Kostas Dousas - The Trawler
04. Rosa Eskenazi - In The Taverna With The Laterna
05. Stratos Payoumtzis - Warm-Hearted Dina
06. Yeoryia Mattaki - Mother, I Want A Man Who...
07. Antonis Diamantidis (Dalgas) - Criminal Mother-In-Law
08. A. Kostis - I Wasted Away
09. Marika Papagika - Dervish
10. Yiorgos Batis - Gypsy Girl
11. Anestos Delias (Artemis) - The Jacket
12. Rosa Eskenazi - That'll Teach You
13. Marika Kanaropoulou - The Widow of Kokkinia
14. A. Kostis - Toumbeleki
15. Marika Frantzeskopoulou (Politissa) - You Won't Win Me Over, Chat Me Up
16. Markos Vamvakaris - Markos The Minister
17. Rita Abatsi - Yiannis' Cup
18. Rosa Eskenazi - Don't Swear To Me, You Liar
19. Stratos Payoumtzis & Stelios Kiromitis - Baglamades
20. Ioannis Halkias (Jack Gregory) - Minore Tou Tekke



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