This is the "acoustic Malicorne" recording of 1973, for some reason put under just the Yacoub name, but featuring all the major players from the band. Among the many 'classic; recordings made by the band, this one is probably the most sought after.

Gabriel Yacoub was one of the spearheads of the folk revival that swept through France. The founder and leader of influential French trad rock band Malicorne during the 1970s and early '80s, Yacoub has continued to explore the full spectrum of French music as a soloist. According to Vanity Fair, Yacoub's "voice is liquid and ready, his guitar work brilliant: rich contrapuntal lines and classical technique which, sounded on steel strings, gives his instrument the fullness of a harpsichord." Initially inspired by the songs of American singer/songwriters, especially Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie, Yacoub was introduced to traditional French music as backup guitarist and singer for innovative Breton harp player Alan Stivell. Taking the lessons that he learned from Stivell, he formed Malicorne in 1973 in an attempt to bring traditional music up to contemporary standards. One of the earliest world music groups, Malicorne combined Western instruments, such as guitar and electric bass, with traditional instruments, including krumhorns, bagpipes, and hurdy-gurdies. Together for a decade, Yacoub and Malicorne recorded three albums that achieved gold record status and received a prestigious gold prix de L'Academie du Disque Francais.

01. Chant De L'alouette
02. Suite Scottishe
03. Long De La Mer Jolie
04. Quand J'étais Fille Á Marier
05. Je Suis Trop Jeunette
06. Pierre De Grenoble
07. Prince D'orange
08. Bransles De Bourgogne
09. Rossignolet Du Bois
10. Andro
11. Pension
12. Fleur De Lys

Marie: vocals, acoustic guitar, dulcimer, tampura
Gabriel: vocals, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, banjo, bowed psaltery
Dan Ar Braz: electric guitar
Marc Rapillard: violin, viola, banjo
Alan Kloatr: vocals, bombarde, crumhorn, tampura
Dominique Paris: bagpipes (biniou coz, scottish highland pipes)
Gérard Lavigne: bass
Gérard Lhomme: harmonium, bohdran, percussion
Christian Gour'han: vielle a roue




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