The group's repertoire can be divided into two main groups: firstly renditions of folk songs and further interpretations of folk music (mainly "Moldvai" and "Lóvári gipsy"), and then musical interpretation of verse for vocal performance.

The word Dutar means simply two strings, and is used to describe those two-stringed instruments which, when touched by a gifted hand, can play rich and beautiful melodies. The name also suits our group quite well, symbolising as it does the harmonious convergence of two committed musicians; the joining of two separate pasts on a shared musical path. The idea first came in 2004. It is the first time Renáta has been involved in a musical project since a recording in 1996 (Új élő népzene 1.), but music has been an ever-present part of her daily life since childhood. She has worked as a textile artist and as a teacher of art and history of art. Péter also works as a teacher, and music is an integral part of his life, just as it is for Reni. Forming Dutar has brought new opportunities to both musicians. The songs had been there for years, waiting for a voice to breathe life into them. Renáta's voice does that, and yet so much more: the special qualities of her voice and delivery have played a central role in shaping the group's evolving repertoire.

At first it was just the two of them, but it was not long before further musicians came on board. Nowadays their performances can feature up to six musicians, although they also continue to perform as a duo. Whatever the line-up, musical variety is guaranteed, with interpretations of folk songs and dances featuring in addition to their own original compositions. The songs acquired their finished shape only through a process of free collaboration between the musicians.

Reni's voice blows new life into old standards. Her unique voice lends a new layer of meaning to even the oldest songs. Given that folk music is concerned with modernity, the group embraces the opportunity to experiment with the music of a variety of folk cultures. The sources are inexhaustible. They hoped to find an aspect of themselves in these songs, and to add something of themselves to the music they create - music that their audience will enjoy.

The other important influence on the group's repertoire is the wonderful poetry of several outstanding poets, which they have set to their own music. Here the lyrics and melodies search freely for excitement, and truth.

"So far in our career we have seen that people have trouble fitting Dutar into one single category. Maybe that's for the best! Our music is too 'dirty' to be folk music, too 'clean' to be world music, too Hungarian to be Roma, too Roma to be Hungarian, too light to be literary, too complex to be easy listening. For want of a better term, perhaps it is the tag of 'world music' that suits us best. It is certainly the case that our music deals with the search for beauty and honesty, both in this world and the one that follows. We look for harmony in our interpretations as well as in our original compositions."

01. Desoduj
02. Fölszállott a páva
03. Recept
04. Gelem, gelem / Kis kece lányom
05. Gyöngyvirág
06. So rodes tu, phrala
07. A holdas hold románca
08. Tilinkós szeretőm
09. Phirav mange
10. Gyógyulj meg
11. Pörgetős
12. Rumeláj
13. Idegen vendég a kánai menyegzőn
14. Ki viszi át a Szerelmet
15. Phura romnyake rojipe

Renáta CSŐKE - voice
Péter KOPECZKY - flute, kaval, tilinkó, tapsur, dombra, chromatika, guitar
György RÉVÉSZ - guitar
Miklós SIPTÁR - bass guitar, cello, tambura
Mátyás KŐSZEGI - cajon, derbuka, tapan




Unknown said...

Nagyon jó ez lemez, köszi!

sacdegemecs said...

Hi, first of all congratulations again for your incredible posts. This blog is a neverending source of marvelous music, and the focus on hungarian music is for me really moving and I'm a follower, a supporter and a fan of you.
On the other hand, I found a track repeated in the archive: the last one (8,7 MB and a length of 3:48). After obtaning the lyrics and listening to them carefully I discover that song number 1 is number 2 and so on. Song number 1, "Desoduj", is missing. If you could check your disc and fix it it would be nice. In case you haven't it and if I can lend you a hand looking for the missing song somewhere, just tell me.
Warm regards

Wagnerc said...

lemaradt egy szám :(

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