Live Recording May. 6. 2009, NPR Brodcast from Jordan Hall, Boston.

“Having always felt intimate with Bartók's as well as gypsy music of the roma, I've thoroughly enjoyed playing this recording, loud. It helps to have recently read "Bury Me Standing"- comes from the saying, "Bury me standing, I've been on my knees all my life".”

"The acclaimed Takács String Quartet joins the Hungarian folk ensemble Muzsikás (with singer Márta Sebestyén, whose inimitable voice you may recall haunting the soundtrack to "The English Patient") to celebrate Hungarian composer Béla Bartók...

When the members of the Takács Quartet and Muzsikás combine for a concert, they delight in making clear the connections between Bartók's own music and his folk-music obsessions. For example, they alternate movements from some of Bartók's best-known pieces (Romanian Folk Dances, String Quartet No. 4) with the real village dances he collected in the field — both the actual old scratchy records and their own live versions thereof..."

Tracklist / Concert program
Bartók: Violin Duos

Track 01.
- Torontal Dances (Muzsikás)
- "Ardeleana" (historic Bartók field recording)
- Duo No. 44

Track 02.
- "Shoe of My Horse" (Márta Sebestyén)
- Duo No. 28
- Duo No. 32
- "Jocul Barbatesc" (Márta Sebestyén)

Track 03.
Bartók: Sonatina (with traditional tunes)
- Bagpipes (Takács Qt.)
- Bear Dance (Takács Qt.)
- Bear Dance from Gyimes (Muzsikás)

Track 04.
Traditional: Ballad of the Murdered Shepherd

Track 05.
Bartók: Romanian Folk Dances (with source tunes)
- Bota es Invertita (Muzsikás)
- Stick Dance (Takács Qt.)
- Waistband Dance (Takács Qt.)
- "Pe Loc" (Muzsikás)
- Hornpipe Dance (Takács Qt.)
- Romanian Polka (Takács Qt.)

Takács String Quartet (Takács Vonósnégyes)
Muzsikás with Márta Sebestyén (Muzsikás együttes és Sebestyén Márta)




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