HAYA may not be the most popular band in China yet, but they are definitely one of the more unique ones. They promote Mongolian singing and world music by using both traditional Mongolian and modern musical instruments.

Daiqing Tana was born in Taijnar. She belongs to a tribe of Mongolia.
Serene heavenly sounds from the grass steppe Soulful songs that request for nothing in return

“With the majestic and boundless music, the sky, the grass steppe, the snow mountain, the lake... all begin to unfold, and the ear becomes the sole passageway for communication between the soul and the universe. At last, the physical body, time and space have all disappeared, and a pure lucid realm of pristine sounds begin to take into shape. This has to be music coming down from up above, and no one should miss it.”

1. Silent Sky
* lyrics/Bayin & Daiqing Tana
* Tuwa folk song
The rise of the sun and the fall of the moon
The eternal world
In the distance resides eternity
When everything returns to being still and serene I ask for nothing more

2. Snow Mountain
* lyrics/Bayin * composer/Quansheng
Gazing upon the timeless magnificence
The serene heavenly sounds
I yearn for the freedom of solitude
Long for the ultimate love
Yet afloat I am in the wind

3. Ongmanibamai
* folk song
The heart is infinite
It can contain the entire universe
A dust particle in the cosmos
Would vanish in a mere second

4. Qinghai Lake
* lyrics/Bayin * composers/Quansheng & Daiqing Tana
I stand still next to you
Never once thought of touching you
I touch the earth beneath your feet with my forehead Wishing that upon my next journey
My heart will be bestowed with a piece of your azure blue

5. Passed Time
* lyrics/Keming * composer/Wulan-tuoga
The most beautiful treasures in life
Are in the time passed by
We were once great companions
Shared our joys and sorrows
Only if we could return to the passed time
Even if just for one night

6. Dancer in the Darkness
* lyrics & composer/ Daiqing Tana
Standing in the embrace of the darkness
I am exposed in the deep stilled silence
I could hear the remote unfamiliar laughter still echoing
I bury myself
To be sacrificed to the unmanned wilderness

7. Missing You
* lyrics & composer/ Daiqing Tana
Nostalgia is blissfully sentimental
I am in the far distance from you
How could I sing without restraint
If only dream has liberating wings
Let the wind accompany it on its voyage in the sky

8. Golden Bracelet
* Qinghai & Mongolian Folksong

9. Reborn
* lyrics/Daiqing Tana * composer/Quansheng
What’s there to cry about
The sky has never lost its luster
Unless you lose the gleam in your eye
Love will be reborn from disparity

Daiqing Tana: Voice
Quansheng & Xibo: Percussion
Quansheng & Arai Soichiro: Horse-head fiddle
Xibo & Tuerxun:Piano
Liu Xiaoguang: Cello
Liu Man:Accordion
Zhang Xinhua: Harmonica


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


Free2bMe said...

My god. This is incredible. Beautiful fails to describe it. Thank you.

Vanitey said...

Thanks for the lyrics! I love daiqing tana!!

Anonymous said...

Tenyleg gyonyoru. Koszonom

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful album. My chinese gf got me this for xmas. Wonderful voice. Full of soul. Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

I would like to buy her album but I am residing in Malaysia. Anyone can sheds some lights where can I purchase it? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

http://cdbaby.com and multiple amazon shops sell Silent Sky and Migration, but the only place I could find Wolf totem was amazon.com

Anonymous said...

You can also buy them straight from the label - http://www.windmusic.com.tw/en/pro_detail.asp?PDT_NO=TCD-9222

Anonymous said...

Dead link -_-;

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