Right from their first record this group has been outstanding in their presentation of French and Breton shanties and sea songs. The group, formed from a co-operative known as Chasse-Maree, consisted at the time of Arnaud Maissonneuve, Benoit Chantran, Bernard Subert, Christian Desnos and the group's leader and driving force, Michel Colleu, who has collected the majority of the material used. songs and tunes from the rich maritime heritage extant around the coast of Britanny. Fiddle, flute, concertina and guitar along with a melodeon (in this case, Christian uses an almost straight tuning to great effect) are often used as accompaniment, and all are excellent musicians as well as fine singers. Bombardes and hurdy-gurdies are unlikely instruments to hear
backing sea songs, but in the hands of the French they blend perfectly with their style of singing. and what a style! Whatever Cabestan do, the maxim seems to be that effort and a feeling for the material are essential. Their precision and spirited renderings make them a joyful listening experience, even if you can’t understand French, because you can feel the 'working power' of the songs.
The French, unlike the English, do not have as great a store of shanties, but they make up for this with a fine collection of shore based songs.

01. Faut avoir du courage
02. Tempete pour sortir
03. Reels quebecois
04. Le 15 avril
05. Le capitaine de Saint-Malo
06. Le Pont de Morlaix
07. A Baton Rouge sont arrives
08. La Danae
09. Le depart de Ti-Louis
10. Les filles a cinq deniers
11. Naviguant dans le port de Nantes
12. Trois matelots de Port St-Jacques
13. Mond da bellvro

Christian Desnos : accordéon diatonique, mélodéon, harmonica, chant
Jean-Luc Creac'h : guitare, guitare basse, chant
Thierry Moreau : Veuze, violon, violoncelle, chant
Bernard Subert : clarinette, flute, chant
Thierry Decloux : guitare, bouzouki, chant


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