"Despite the best efforts of Romania's Ceaucescu dictatorship to make Transylvanian folk culture disappear, it survived at least in part due to the very deprivations (e.g., the lack of electricity and education) that were intended to destroy it. This well-known Hungarian quintet began rooting around in the one-time Hungarian territory a decade ago, and their first collection of Transylvanian tunes is a deep and diverse treasure trove of nearly forgotten centuries-old acoustic history. A droning hurdy-gurdy introduces a song about the "damned misery of love"; a pair of fiddles rouse dancers to high-stepping wedding and Christmas dances; a sad string quartet accompanies a song describing "The Time of Autumn" when conscripted soldiers left their villages. And, as with all Muzsikas's albums, Marta Sebestyén's wise and clear and cold voice re-creates another world in your living room."

01. Betyárnóta
02. Istenem, Istenem
03. Kalotaszegi legényes
04. Szapora
05. Bodomkuti hajnali
06. Ősz az idő
07. Kati - Kata
08. Boncidai cimbalmos
09. Régi somogyi énekek
10. Régi lakodalmas
11. Ha felmegyek Kolozsvárra

Sándor Csoóri: viola, bagpipe, violin
Péter Éri: guitar, kaval, viola
Dániel Hamar: double bass, gardon
Mihály Sipos: violin
Márta Sebestyén: voice


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Hello !
I would like to know the password, please !
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Bluesmen said...

Password is not needed...

Anonymous said...

I think it is... I can't open archive file, it asks me the password... I tried the usual password but it doesn't come to a result

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A what kind of program do you use?
Presumably the reason of the problem with character set.

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I don't understand... I have downloaded the file again and I don't have any problem ! I don't know wich file I downloaded first ?!

Anyway I'm glad and I woul like to thank you for your blog and for tha quality of the music. Great !!!

Greatings from France !

Anonymous said...

thanks for making this one available; my copy is now 20 years old and about worn out. fabulous musicianship with passionate feeling. -6string

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