Alexian's leader Santino Spinelli is an Italian Roma (Gypsy) accordionist, singer and composer well known all over Europe and in Japan thanks to his commitment in preserving and promoting the Roma culture. The band's musical map includes journeys through the different regions that have hosted the Roma during the centuries, from Indian Punjab to the French Camargue. All the band's song, which are composed by Spinelli, are sung in Romanthe Roma language of the Alexian ethnic group.

The musical group from years searches and values the musical gypsy culture. The concert not is other that a seminar concert through the gypsy musical styles, for an ideal travel through the history and the Romani culture interpreted in way absolutely original. The leader of the Group Alexian Santino Spinelli , accordionist and singer known to international level for his most numerous cultural activities, has already published five discs and was invited in several television transmissions -.He is appeared on important reviews. The Group is well-known to international level because it participates to all the more important festivals of ethnic music and of gypsy music contributing to introduce the secular culture of the Rom. The CD Gijem, Gijem " that in the language of the Rom Abruzzesi means "Walking, walking" is the version of the Rom Abruzzesi of the famous hymn gypsy "Gelem Gelem", and is not other that the synthesis of one long musical experience and life, one true and own fixed existential and cultural gypsy caravan and important moments of along interminable travel enclosed ideally in the title.

The Rom Abruzzesi are Italian gypsies and represent the first group arrived in Italy five centuries ago, coming from the Greek coasts. The CD has been published in France and distributed to international level by Mediaset. The celebre French review "Le Monde" has received the record with a most positive article: "... under the Alexian's fingers we discover all the unknown gipsy meanders."

01. La danze del Beng
02. Echi d'Oriente
03. So me te keras
04. Aria zingara
05. Suno' Romano'
06. La danza del fuoco
07. Jilo' bi nafel
08. A briglie sciolte
09. Murdevele
10. Kaggio'
11. Gijem Gijem

Alexian Santino Spinelli - accordion, vocals
Maurizio Rolli - double bass
Marco Malatesta - percussion
Francesco Ciancetta - guitar, lute, choir
Juditha Hamza - violin (1, 4, 6, 10)

part 1.
part 2.


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