From the opening stabs of Boris Kovac's saxophone you know a journey awaits. Never mind the song is called "Intro Trip"; all this Yugoslavian bandleader's excursions are voyages beyond the expected. Nuanced in the subtle insanity of Balkan jazz, his records are more like mental battles. His ability to veer from heartbreakingly gorgeous melodies, fluttering wings of brass symphonies, into breakneck accordion-driven fury is incomprehensible. One can only imagine shifting drunkenly in a tanchez (dance house) in a state somewhere between paranoia and ecstasy. Worm After History, like its predecessors, is a soundtrack to the movie of Kovac's mind. It envisions a sacred space stretching past dualistic thinking; much in Eastern European arts reaches for such climax. Whether strolling gently through "Latina" or falling intoxicated to the Wonderland-ish "Crazy Love Waltz," Kovac creates sonic images of wintertime carousels bouncing to the high-pitched wails of tango-fueled jazz (his last record was, fittingly, titled The Last Balkan Tango). Given these cerebral titles, Kovac is as much philosopher as brassist--he seeks personal spaces which make sense through incoherence. Hence the melancholic opening of "Dukeland in Your Heart." The trio of saxophone, classical guitar and accordion emit a slow, startlingly sad portrait of a decimated planet past the confines of history. To put all this into perspective: the Zen koan, what is the sound of one hand clapping? Of course there's no answer--it's an inner realization that moves us past the realm of linear thought. After you've meditated for a bit, turn on Worm After History for the closest interpretation imaginable.

01. An Intro Trip
02. Latina
03. To Entertain You
04. Limping Waltz
05. Malena (Matic)
06. Crazy Love Waltz (Matic)
07. Dukeland in Your Heart
08. Beguine Again
09. Argentina
10. Dur AA
11. Triesta

Boris Kovac - alto & soprano sax, voice
Goran Penic - accordion
Vukasin Miskovic - classical guitar
Milos Matic - double bass, tamburitza
Istvan Cik - drums, percussion

Special Guests
String Quartet Tajj (3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11)
Bogdan Rankovic - bass clarinet (3, 4, 10)



Sacdegemecs said...

hi! marvelous disc! by the way, pay attention to the song "dukeland in your heart", it should match with your hungarian heritage! it refers to that dukeland where szeles mónika was also born, a slight nuance usually missed by everyone...
try to find the dvd by kovač (or could it be kovács?) 'world after history', you'll enjoy a lot the music and the 'paysages', which might be connected geologically to your puszta ;)

warm regards

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