There can be little doubt that Felix Lajko is an incredible violinist with an exceptional talent.

"I had heard that Lajkó is regarded with awe in the Balkans, but was still unprepared for the impact of hearing and seeing him at such close quarters.... he attacks his violin with such ferocity that broken threads cascade from his bow during each number. There is a tendency for Balkan musicians to fit into one of several generic categories – gypsy, folk, Klezmer, etc – but Lajko seems to have invented a style of his own, and any reference to existing genres would be misleading. Each of his instrumental songs had a clear structure, and yet each seemed open to the spirit of the moment."

Charlie Gillett, BBC

"My music is based on the delicacy and colourfulness of my instrument. I do not play any new types of musical genre, I only follow my own path and improvise and write music. I cannot see differences between musical styles and ways, so I play folk-, classical-, rock-, blues-, and improvisational music. I have written music to several theatre plays and films for Yugoslavian and Hungarian directors. I wrote a musical piece for the festival commemorating the Sarajevo Cultural Olympics."
Lajkó Félix

1. Play 1
2. Single
3. Play 2
4. String Quartet
5. Solo
6. Finale


Félix Lajkó - violin
Zsolt Kelemen - viola
Michael Babinchak - cello
Ferenc Kurina - double bass
Tibor Takács - drum



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