Zoltán Krulik, the composer-guitarist of Makám every year surprises his audience with better and better albums. The latest consists of soldier songs but song not from the point of view of the soldiers but their lovers, wives. The meeting of three wonderful female (Szilvia Bognár, Bea Palya, Ágnes Szalóki) and one male (Ádám Dévényi) voice furthermore the traditionalist but contemporary sound will fully satisfy the listener.
These beautiful Balkan songs, mostly Bulgarian and Macedonian which have become well-known in Hungary through the poetic translations of László Nagy – have also been covered by the former bands Kolinda and Gépfolklór, possibly others as well. The arrangements and compositions of Zoltán Krulik show the unequivocal marks of an unfaltering stylistic sense and an accomplished craftsmanship without the slightest suggestion of cliché or tried and tested routine. That is to say, underlying these compositions we can find genuine human sensitivity, experience and values: faith in the power of song and of melody, refined taste and temperance manifested in unmanipulated, acoustic sound, and trust in the possibility of conveying poetic metaphors and delicately shaded thoughts to the audience.

01. Van-e tenéked...?
02. Jaj, sötétben
03. Keselyű
04. Ilju
05. Fúdogál
06. Kilences
07. Katona sirató
08. Ébredj fel
09. Édesanya, kedvesem
10. Eleven
11. Gyere vélem
12. A Don-kanyar felől

Composed by Zoltán Krulik, except tracks 3, 4, 5 and 9 which are traditional.

Zoltán Krulik - guitar
Balázs Szokolay - sax, furulya, duda
Balázs Thurnay - kaval, voice
Eszter Krulik - violin
Zoltán Mizsei - keyboard, voice
Zoltán Kovács - double bass
Géza Orczy - derbuka, tapán, buzuki, saz

Ádám Dévényi - voice
Szilvia Bognár - voice
Bea Palya - voice
Ági Szalóki - voice



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