"We released Rege in both Hungary and Slovakia in 1998. I think that every reader would have to listen to it because it is difficult to characterise, so every reader should judge for themselves... ...Bernadett's appearance on the album, who is from the south of Hungary, because we had seen her win a competition for folk music vocalists on TV. Since then, she has appeared on our last two albums. In my opinion she has a very interesting voice, which is exactly what we need... I like the voice of Márta Sebestyén very much. Bernadett's voice is different, but for me, as good as Marta's. We instantly felt that Tánc a hóban [Dance in the Snow - on which Bernadett appears] would be the "hit" off Rege. We are very glad that this slow romantic song did become very popular."

Andor Buják

"This world music album from the Ghymes Group will most probably raise the number of their already large group of fans. The black cover hides a colorful musical material that adjusts the Central-European folk traditions to the musical tendencies of the world. The “Dance in the snow” by Tamás Szarka to be found on the album is a beautiful folk-rock composition."

01. Rege
02. Bazsarózsa
03. "33"
04. Jézus ágyán
05. Azért ne bánkódjál
06. Eskü
07. Bujdosó dal
08. Ej, de igen nagy kár
09. Ne nézz hátra
10. Tánc a hóban
11. Csönd
12. Fennen hordod

Andor Buják - viola, saxophon, double bass, flute, turkish pipe, chorus, saxophon, clarinet, flute
Krisztián Buják - horns, drums, clarinet, saxophon, flute
Gyula Szarka - voice, guitar, lute, double bass, chorus
Tamás Szarka - voice, double bass, lute, guitars, violin, chorus

Péter Farnbauer - synthesizer
Bernadett Kiss - voice
Galántai Magyar Tanítási Nyelvu Alapiskola Gyermekkórusa - voice
Kálmán Eredics - tarabuka
Gábor Eredics - accordian
János Lau - percussion

Part 1.
Part 2.

pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot mate..

Anonymous said...

Fantastic album, reminds me so much of my time in Hungary. Here I am in China now, and the violins on Bazsarózsa take me right back ... beautiful ...

rmilan said...

this is my favourite Ghymes album ever!! i got familiar with this band with the Rege album about 1999 and my old audiotape casette died since...:)

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