"For those who have seen "Black Cat, White Cat" or "Underground" from Emir Kusturica or heard the music of Taraf de Haiduks or the Boban Markovic Orkestar I guarantee that our melodies will strike a tone of familiarity. The band formed in the spring of 2006. The members are passionate balkan-music fans. In our music the most significant thing is the presence and lead role of the cymbalom. The other lead instrument is the accordion. The harmony produced by these two instruments and the mixture of accompaniment ultimately define our sound. In our repertoire you can find the "jewels" of Balkan and Hungarian melodies. Our songs are mostly tunes from Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia."

Cimbali Band

Balkan and gypsy music is getting popular at clubs, festivals and pubs, according to the CimbaliBand, most of whose members are not Roma. They play Gypsy, Hungarian and Balkans music focused on the cimbalom, a stringed instrument struck with light hammers, and the accordion.

"Gypsy music is on the rise if you can do it in a way which gets it across to the audience."
Balázs Unger, Cimbaliband

1. Ciganskolo
2. Velencei álom - Venezian Dream
3. Ez a világ - This is the World
4. Siciliana Karsilama
5. Selyemcsárdás - Silk-csardas
6. Oppadirida
7. Lautar din Bacau - The Violinist of Bacau
8. Megyek az úton - I Walk on the Way
9. Oriental Mahala

Balázs Unger - cimbalom, voice
Wertetics Szlobodán - accordeon
Gellért Boda - violin, viola
Krisztián Rodek - tambura, derbuka
Péter Pataj - double bass

Eszter Szita - voice
István Pál "Szalonna" - violin, vocal
Gergő Unger - electric guitar


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


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