"Elemér Balázs is one of Hungary's best known jazz drummers. Three years ago he invited six of his colleagues, all fine musicians in their own right, to form the Elemér Balázs Group, and they have become a highly acclaimed band by now... The Group has been touring Hungary extensively, and they are regularly invited to festivals not only in their home country but abroad as well. ... The group is striving to create their own sound characterised mainly by the contrast of the female and male voices. In their music they mix ethnic songs with original compositions."

"Elemér Balázs is one of the best drummers around right now, in my opinion. He plays with such musicality and finesse and has the ability to listen inside each musical moment with the kind of spontaneous decision - making that allows everyone that plays with him to sound their best. He also has a wonderful touch on the instrument - I always enjoy the chance to play with him and to hear him."

Pat Metheny

"There are no longer borders in music. The doors have opened for everyone to roam freely amongst various cultures and musical styles. For a long time I have dreamed of adding something of our vision to our beautiful native melodies. I think this CD has fulfilled my dream."
Elemér Balázs

01. Menyecske, menyecske
02. Végigmentem a lónai nagyutcán
03. Lányok ülnek a toronyban
04. Szózat Katitzához a férfiak ügyiben
05. A nagy hegyeken túl
06. Árva madár
07. Arra kértem az én jóistenemet
08. Kivel háltál az éjjel
09. Szeretőm e táncba
10. A nagy erdő meséje

Gábor Winand - vocals
Elemér Balázs - drums
Gábor Juhász - guitars
Klára Hajdu - vocals
Péter Glaser - double bass
András Dés - percussion
József Balázs - piano

Bea Palya - vocals
Ágnes Szalóki - vocals


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


Unknown said...

September 6th, 2008

Thank you so much!

I was doing some research on the NET as my soul genuinely needs new sounds, new colours, different roots and landscapes, so I kept trying to find something from Hungary that would captivate my senses. Elemér Balázs Group's music has definitely done that to me.

I am extremely grateful to them for creating such beatiful, marvellous music and to you for sharing it.

It is great that you are proud of your Hungarian heritage and that you promote it. You have no idea of how much you are contributing through that.


Luis Ernesto

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