„One could hardly write with more sensitivity about the treasures we have inherited from past centuries, kept alive – among others – by folklore. Such are the folksongs and folk ballads passed down from generation to generation, dedicated to momentary and at the same time ageless emotions, destinies and events. Not only the beauty of the melodies, the refined and forever valid lyrics are fascinating, but also the whole body of traditions and beliefs hidden between the lines. These ’insignificant little songs’ are imprints of a traditional culture once flourishing, but now only surviving in scattered shreds. They have preserved countless secrets and messages, whose deciphering can be an immense pleasure for the modern listener. This belief has led me to compile this album.
I have woven the fabric of a storyline, telling the path of woman’s life, from traditional songs, prayers, and excerpts from children’s games. Birth – marriage – death: the turning points of life are interwoven with the periods of childhood and of choosing a partner, followed by the decades of married life, where the life of the husband and the children is emphasized.
I sing the story, and my musician companions paly the music arranged by Zoltán Kovács. So do the ’Songs watch over Time’, and so do we preserve the songs...”

Szilvia Bognár

01. Születés / Birth
02. Forog az esztendő kereke / The Wheel Of The Year Is Turning
03. Kicsi leán guzsalyasba / Young Maid At The Spinning House
04. Koppan az óra / Farewell To The Bride
05. Este lett a leánnak / Maidenhood Is Over
06. Évkerék / Years Are Passing
07. Tiszta feketébe / All In Black
08. A csodahalott / The Miraculous Dead Man
09. Monár András éneke / Song Of András Molnár
10. A mennybe vitt leány / The Girl Who Was Exalated To Heaven
11. Évkerék / Years Are Passing
12. Az utolsó átváltozás / The Last Metamorphosis

Szilvia Bognár – voice
Márta Sebestyén – voice
Mariann Majorosi – voice
Péter Bede – shepherd’s flute, saxophone
Ágoston Félix Benke – drum
Mátyás Bolya – koboz
Csaba Gyulai – percussion, gadulka
Gábor Juhász – guitar
Zoltán Kovács – double bass, violin
István Pál „Szalonna” – violin, vocal
Balázs Thurnay – kaval, recorder, marimba, vocal
Flóra Erdélyi and Dafna Busa – nursery rhymes



Anonymous said...

Wow, this one is great. I have heard some of Szilvia Bognar's work with Makam and also with the Belgium band Kadril, so I am very happy to have a chance to hear a solo album.


Anonymous said...

AZ utoso ember nincsen felirva... the last person isn't written down!!! :
Kovács Zoltán : nagybogo (dble bass I think), hegedu (violin)

Anonymous said...

és egy ÓRIÁSI köszönetett kiabálok, kösz
Imádom a magyar zenét és eszen a internet címen át megismerem a gyökereimet :)))))))))))))

Anonymous said...

Köszönöm szépen!
MOTIVA-t nem tudsz véletlenül szerezni? :))
Annyira örülnék neki!


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