Makám's music can be seen as a specialized branch of today's music with its own eclecticism. It is characterized by a synthesis of different organizational of forms, a special cohesion of influences of different kinds of musical inspiration and the result of studying contemporary music, archaic traditional music as well as the spontaneous improvisation of free music.
Makam was formed in 1984 with the purpose of establishing a peculiar form of community playing music, a special synthesis of harmonies, trying to show the common characteristics belonging together in music cultures of different peoples and contrasting musical forms.

01. Szindbád
02. Fonó
03. Mátyus
04. Kisteknőc
05. Malom
06. Panyiga
07. Este
08. Kis Mózes
09. Balaton
10. Tá tia tá
11. A néma halfiú
12. Vadgesztenye
13. Anzix
14. Zengővárkony
15. Vándor
16. Betlehem
17. Madárijesztő
18. Zöld csoda-fény (Weöres Sándor)

Zoltán Krulik - guitar, Indian harmonium, piano, voice
Irén Lovász - voice
Balázs Thurnay - kaval, tin whistle, Moldavian flute, marimba, earthen drum, voice
Eszter Krulik - violin, voice, whistle
Csaba Gyulai - Turkish violin, udu, drum, percussion
Zoltán Kovács - contrabass, cow bells

Composed by Zoltán Krulik




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