The Budapest Klezmer Band comes from the heart of Europe, from the very geographic location where Klezmer music originates. The Band's performance is an exciting musical experience in traditional Jewish folklore.'

The band is led by composer, arranger Ferenc Jávori, who was raised on Klezmer music in Munkács (Munkacevo, nowadays part of Ukraine). He learnt his trade from some of the last surviving musicians there, where music was an integral part of Jewish life. The BKB play Klezmer music that is seeped in traditional Jewish life and folklore.

Other members of the band are also exceptional musicians, being graduates of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music of Budapest.

01. Le chajem Rebbe
02. Klezmer Five
03. Solom alejxem
04. Tshiribim
05. Sha sha di Schwigern Kumt
06. Dem Rebin
07. Yiddishe Tango
08. Terkish Dance
09. Fraytik oyf der nakht
10. Di Sapozhkelekh
11. Chohmec
12. A Lidele is Idis

Ferenc Jávori - leader, piano, voice
István Kohán - clarinet
Katica Illenyi - violin, voice
Anna Nagy - accordion
Gábor Tamás - trombone
Gábor Kiss - double bass
Balázs Végh - drums, percussion




joe v berlin said...

thank you for this. Much appreciated

DoctorPepperOz said...

Thank you so much for this and all the beautiful music on your site. It is really one of the best on the web. Much love from your friend downunder.
David, Melbourne, Australia

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