The songs on Voices on The Eastern Wind were gathered from a wide variety of sources including ethnographic recordings collected by KITKA members while doing field research in Eastern Europe, transcriptions of recordings made by Eastern European folk artists and ensembles, modern Balkan composers' interpretations of folk melodies and original compositions and arrangements by Director Bon Brown.

These "Angels of the Steppes" bring to life rich and beautiful songs of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Russia, and the Ukraine. The women of Kitka (Keet-kuh) are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, yet come from varied ethnic backgrounds. The spirit and beauty with which they sing transports you to the villages of older cultures and traditions with a feeling of the immediacy and drama of life uncomplicated by faxes and cellular phones. They sing of rivers and enchanted forests; of rushing to meet your sweetheart at the village working-bee; of helping a woman decide between the marriage proposals of a swineherd and an ox-cart driver. The ten singers use vocals almost exclusively; a gaida (Bulgarian bagpipe) is used on one cut; cello and cymbalom on another, and a third track has the accent of dumbek. Excellent in arrangement and harmony, Voices on the Eastern Wind will delight fans of all vocal traditions.
Backroads Music/Heartbeats

Rapturous and subtle--the layered singing varies from earthly harmonies to pristine heavenly sonorities."
Dirty Linen Magazine

Sends listeners into a trance with free-form fantasias of lush, sinuous, and dissonant contrapuntal lines."
Sing Out! Magazine

01. The Eastern Wind
02. Tikho Nad Richkoyu (Ukraine)
03. Duynel Idi Ut Oftcetya (Bulgaria)
04. Moma Bega Prez Livade (Bulgaria)
05. Bratets Kosi (Croatia)
06. Haydutin Stuyan (Bulgaria)
07. Predite Prelye (Croatia)
08. Dimyaninka (Bulgaria)
09. Son Mi Doyde (Bulgaria)
10. V Serykh Sumerkakh (Russia)
11. Zaspala Li Si Yagodo (Bulgaria)
12. Na Pat Yodam (Bulgaria)
13. Pustono Ludo I Mlado (Bulgaria)
14. Ya Ti Postilam (Bulgaria)
15. Ay Mori Milke (Macedonia)
16. Yofcharche Mlado (Bulgaria)
17. Vetar Vee (USA)

Bon Brown, Shira-Devra Cion, Catherine Rose Crowther, Anastacia Metcalf-Cuzzillo, Deborah Dietrich, Julie Graffagna, Janet Kutalas, Ann Moorhead, Michele Simon, Sonia Wyman (vocals)




zeporro said...

thank you for this album and your good work.
a greeting.

Karla said...

I love Kitka and russian´songs!
Thanks man!!Good sounds in your blogger!
Best wishes!

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