Kalyi Jag, Black Fire in English, play authentic Gypsy music and have been doing so for almost 20 years. They are recognised as one of the foremost Gypsy folk ensembles in Eastern Europe today. The instruments they use are guitar, jug, board and oral improvisations.
Traditional Gypsy music sung in Gypsy and Hungarian language.
Originally released in 1994.

01. Where I Come and Go - Slow song from Szatmár County
02. The Slim Woman is Clever - Rolled song from North-Eastern Hungary
03. Who Love Each Other - Rolled song
04. I am Told to Be - Slow song
05. Once I Saw a Beautiful Woman - Rolled song
06. Beds Made by Whole World - Oral bass improvisations with accompanying words
07. The Jilted Husband - Ballad
08. Ketri, Ketri - Dance song in Balcan Gypsy style
09. Luma Maj - Ballad in Russian Gypsy style
10. Flowery Ditch - Slow song from Lovár
11. The Heart - Whole Love - Dance song
12. Rolled Song of "Filtus" - Rolled song from Baks
13. Luck For You - Rolled song from North-Eastern Hungary
14. My Moustache Stands Out - Stick dance tune
15. The Merriness - Rolled song
16. The lads of Szatmár County - Selection of Gypsy dance tunes from Szatmár County

VARGA Gusztáv - whistle, voice, guitar, spoons, oral bass, water can
KÜNSTLER Ágnes - voice, snapping with fingers
BALOGH József - voice, guitar, tambura-mandolin
NAGY József - oral bass, water can, spoons


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