The Bulgarian-Hungarian musician Nikola Parov who has been playing in several groups, this time went into studio with the finest ethno and world musicians to make his brand new album Balkan Syndicate. A kind of music was born which is up-to-date and modern, but at the same time it involves elements of world music as well. Hearing these temperamental rythms the amusement and fun is guaranteed. Thanks to Nikola Parov and the contributing artists, the audience can hear a world-standard album which holds its ground wherever in the global musical life, from an artists who has obtained his professionalism playing for several years on the Broadway and as a soloist of the Riverdance Orchestra.

01. Este jő/ Evening Comes
02. Kurva lesz a babám /My Darling is a Misstress
03. Flash & Crash /Flash & Crash
04. Fúdd el fúdd / Blow it Blow Away
05. Mi zörög / Crush in the Bush
06. Prela Baba / Prela Baba
07. Walter búcsúja /Walter’s Farawell
08. Szerelem betegje / Sick of Love
09. Anyám édes anyám / Mother Dear Mother
10. Mikor lesz már nyár / Wish for Summer
11. Repülj madár repülj / Fly Birdy Fly

Gyenge Lajos
Bantsheva, Roza
Dorozsmai Péter
Csonka Walter
Herczku Ági
Szalóki Ági
Rostás Károly
Varga György
Bognár Szilvia
Todorova, Elitza
Yordanova, Borislava
Parov, Nikola
Georgieva, Velitshka




zeporro said...

thank you for the album.
a greeting.

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