The ethnic project 'Bugotak' was found in 2004 in Novosibirsk, Russia, and currently located in the same region.

Bugotak plays native siberian music in these variations: Mostly - northern turkic (Altai, Tuva), but also Tungus-manchurian, and music of the Deep Northern folks (Eveny, Negidaltsy, Orci etc) Mostly - traditional folklore, but also ethnic turkic rock and hard ambient. Mostly - its own songs, but also original folk songs and tributes to rock classics, played in traditional siberian instruments.

The main idea of Bugotak's art is that only those traditions come alive, which develop itselves; stark traditions are subject to nobody. Mean both creativity and traditions.

Bugotak was found by George Andriyanov, a multi-instrument player and throat singing performer.
Awards in 2006: - 'The best folklore band' within professional performers on The Baykal Necklace international festival (Ulan-Ude, Russia)

01. Bass Barchyzy
02. All You Want
03. We Siberians
04. Young Shaman Returns Home After Medical Institute
05. The Wheels Must Rotate (Bermuda From Askat)
06. Makary Lykov
07. Assigning Heritage
08. Shaktar-Baatyr (Folk)
09. Kezitke Sening Söstöring
10. The Valley Is Covered With Ice Of Dead People's Tears
11. Of Course, The Word
12. What I See That I Sing (Parody Of Linkin Park's Breaking The Habit)
13. There Is No Fate (Dedicated To Yanka Dyagilevaya)
14. To Live Up To The Winter (Dedicated To People Who Weren't Able To Reach The Foot Of Their Own Mountain)

Sayan Andrianov
Taras Ablamsky
Barbara Sapozhnikov
Eugene Zhukovsky
Vladimir Glushko
Sayan Andriyanov

Nicholas Roerich, Irina Smirnova and Pavel Shaikin




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