Leningrad is a Russian ska punk band from Saint Petersburg.
Composed of 14 members, the band appeared in the late 1990s around singer Sergey "Shnur" Shnurov. It soon became famous for its vulgar lyrics , the main reason it was avoided by most radio stations at first. But this did not stop its growing popularity. As Shnurov said himself: "Our songs are just about the good sides of life, vodka and girls that is." The band is known to be disliked by Moscow mayor Yuriy Luzhkov, who cancelled many of their concerts in the city. But since then, the band has made its way to radio and TV, with Shnurov even presenting some New Year's Eve TV shows.

In 2001 he recorded the album 'Made in Zhopa' with the project Tri Debila. Tri Debila was a sort of mini band for small clubs featuring vocals, tuba, accordion and drums. Although this turned out to be only a spontaneous short time project, the songs are an essential part of the Leningrad oeuvre.

01. V klube modnom
02. Polnye karmany
03. Ne so mnoj
04. Hip-Hop
05. Million alyh roz
06. Parnishka
07. Ne slyshny v sadu
08. Devushka s ponjatiem
09. Zlye puli
10. Svobodnaja
11. Jeh raz, ewe raz
12. Stop-mashina


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