Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian tunes and the band's own compositions can be heard on this, their first album. The traditional and archatic ambience is interpreted using the Bulgarian bagpipe (gaida), the long flute (kaval), and the two-sided big drum (tapan), besides more well-known instruments. In English PRAVO means straight, true but also it is the name of a popular dance, which is featured on the first track.

01. Roupchenko pravo horo (Bulgaria)
02. Svadbarska ruchenitsa (Bulgaria)
03. Vranje (Serbia)
04. Odzacar (Serbia)
05. Várnai dallamok (Bulgaria)
06. "Podigni si bre neveste..." (Macedonia)
07. Kettős (Romania, Moldva-Bulgaria)
08. "Golubice..." (Bosnia)
09. "Katerino mome..." (Bulgaria)
10. Zetvarki (Macedonia)
11. Sop dallamok (Bulgaria)
12. Kopanitsa (Bulgaria)
13. Régen és ma (Serbia)

Csilla Boros - accordion
Attila Gera - clarinet, flute, kaval, gajda
Szilveszter Schafer - violin
Tamás Vandlik - guitar
Gábor Gera - accordion
Péter Pataj - double bass
Tamás Tömösi - tapan, darabuka
Tímea Majorosi - voice
Anikó Knyihár - voice
Anita Gera - voice
László Bakai - trumpet
Erhard Bende - prímtambura, basszprímtambura
Balázs Szokolay Dongó - bagpipe




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Bluesmen said...

I do not know it what may be your problem...
I checked it, at me good, and somebody else did not indicate that he would be a mistake.
Did you write the password in punctually, well?
A what program you use the unzipping?

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