"Erik Marchand has been travelling the colourful routes of world music for several decades now. The singer and clarinet player has done as much as anyone to popularise music from his native southern Brittany, in particular the gwerz. Born in Paris, Marchand settled in his parents’ province of origin in 1975 and plunged into the traditional gwerziou chanting and a repertory that was on the verge of extinction. The creation of his Gwerz band in the early 80s signalled a revival that has shown no sign of abating. Yet his passion for music from other horizons has also led to some of France’s most innovative exchanges with world music.

The collaboration between Erik Marchand and the Romanian Gypsy Taraf (Ensemble) de Caransebes is renewed in this cd of considerable invoice, where the vocality of Erik is united to the resonance of the east in really magical manner; without fear of to exaggerate, we would define this work like what much more door to completion the collaboration between these coming artists from distant reality geographically and culturally. Attractive also the preparation and the conception graphic that show the musicians advance with their tools in a landscape transformed."

01. Milin Turki
02. Ton Moldav
03. Tamm Kreix If Menez
04. Toniou Hir Da Filie Dragomir
05. Purtata Bretoneasca
06. Pardon Klegereg
07. Gwellan Amzer
08. Ar Verrbadenn
09. Hora De Saint Vincent
10. Doina Haiducilor
11. Vino Mindro Sa Te Joc
12. Galvadenn Bugel
13. Kanenn Ma Mestrezed
14. Ar Spilhou
15. Ar Doina Lui Gaby


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