"Ando Drom is a group of young Hungarian Gypsy musicians fusing pure Gypsy music (as opposed to the "cabaret" forms much scorned by Gypsies) with their current modern sensibilities. As such they run a precarious tightrope between the acceptance of their peers and that of the outside world, but such is the passion for their roots they succeed admirably on both accounts. Gypsy music is sung primarily for Gypsies by Gypsies, and the material on these 13 cuts reflects that tradition. Ando Drom will vary the content according to their mood at the time, also part of the spontaneity of the Gypsy tradition. Joined by members of Bratsch, the five-member band--fronted by the amazing singer Monika "Mitsou" Juhasz Miczura--romp through impassioned songs reflecting the hard life of the Gypsy fraternity, with plenty of exhilarating improvisation, both vocally and instrumentally. When violins, guitars, and accordion aren't enough they will manufacture the needed parts on milk pans, spoons, and vocal bass lines, creating a living, breathing music far removed from any cold ethnologic exercise. It is easy to understand why the music has tenaciously survived as an expressive force over centuries of hardship. With excellent liner notes, Phari Mamo is essential listening for anyone interested in Gypsy culture."

01 - Zsa Mo
02 - Na Kamel Ma
03 - Sza Tele Zsav
04 - Phergyi E Bar
05 - Matyilem
06 - Le Shavore
07 - Me Te Merav
08 - Kado Gyesz
09 - O Nanasi
10 - Rodel Ma Muri Dej
11 - Phari Mamo
12 - Csi Lav Tu
13 - Ho Bo Bo

Jenő Zsigó:
leader,arrangements, vocals, guitar, tambura, mandolin, kannaspoons, oral bass, udu, talking drum and other percussions

Mónika "Mitsou"Juhász Miczura:
vocals, oral bass, percussions

Antal "Goima" Kovács:
vocals,oral bass, percussions

Antal "Anti" Kovács ifj.:
guitar, vocals, oral bass, percussions

János "Gusti" Lakatos:
vocals, kanna (milk pan), oral bass percussions

Special Guests:
Mónika Horváth - vocals
Francois Castiello from Bratsch/Paris - accordion
Bruno Girard from Bratsch/Paris - violin
Lajos Kathy Horváth - violin


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com


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