The group "Kulin Ban" was formed at the beginning of 2005. It tried to make a unique connection between old and modern sound led by the expression "from Kulin Ban's period up to nowadays" and on that way it popularized the name of a very specific medieval sovereign.
The greatest challenges of the project were different affections in music and aspirations of the people involved. It wasn't easy to connect different music traditions and colour them with ambient hues. The very challenge was the greatest incentive as well. As the result, their first album of the same name was published in 2006 by PGP RTS.
Since then "Kulin ban" has had many concerts and promotions. Conceptually, "Kulin ban" was trying to avoid the model of "the western" band system which behaves as a group of individual musicians that express themselves. The accent is on the community with its focus on the archetype in which musicians surpass themselves and become indeed one mind and one soul …they become one.
So, "Kulin ban" has never restricted itself to a determined number of "group members" or inflexible type of music concept on the stage. Freedom as a precondition of any movement, freedom of the artistic expression was, is and will be the priority for Kulin ban.

1.Januske beluske
2.Kad ja podjoh na bentbasu
3.Zali Zare da zalimo
4.Ja urani jutros rano
5.Stojna moma brazdu kopa
6.Od kako sam ja devojce
8.Ban brdo

Part 1.
Part 2.


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