Babos Gyula is the most representative guitar player of the Hungarian jazz life, the driving force of the modern Hungarian improvisative music. “…If you do not know his play, you simply lose colours from the palette of existence and revelation, and they will never get back to you after the moment when the magic fades away…” His band, the Babos Project Special represents a peculiar synthesis of electronic jazz and roma music. Babos, as typical to him, selected the most talented young musicians for the band.

01. Chacho Rom
02. Chacho Rom II
03. Paradicsom (Paradise)
04. EastWes
05. Tango Hungaro
06. Botoló (Staffing)
07. Bolondház (Madhouse)
08. Variáció (Variation)
09. Kígyó Ballada (Daróczi Choli József meséje)
(Ballad Of The Snake - Tale By József Daróczi Choli)
10. Himnusz (Hymn)

Babos Gyula - guitar
Szakcsi Lakatos Róbert - piano
Patai Öcsi - violin
Hárs Viktor - double bass
Balogh László - drums
Veress Mónika - vocal

Part 1.
Part 2.


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