A suprisingly fresh Hungarian Folk-rock album with some balkan influences, lots of instruments, virtuoso solos and always a tight sound with well-crafted songs taking Folk music as a base and turning it into a spacey Progressive sound with heavy Guitar. You get Gypsy Violin, Zither, Bagpipes and Flute layered with Space drum, scorching Guitar and Bass. Though it’s from 1984, this is excellent all the way and comes highly recommended!

01. Zöld szemű rózsa / Rose of Green Eyes
02. Védelmezz! / Protect Me!
03. Egy ágyon egy kenyéren / Common Bed, Common Bread
04. Trák attak / Thracian Attack
05. Alig volt zöld / It Hardly Was Green
06. Ne sírj / Don't Cry
07. Ilju Haramia / Ilyu Highwayman
08. Ha meghalok / If I Die
09. Gyere ki te gyöngyvirág / Lily-of-the Valley
10. Adjon az Isten / May the Lord Provide
11. Macedon Expressz / Macedonian Express (Instrumental)
12. Jöjj be szobámba / Come in My Bower


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