"Every piece originates from authentic performers, the tunes have been arranged by the members of the group. We attempt to interpret the original sound authentically."

Dűvő plays Hungarian folk-music first and foremost in a traditional style. It has been playing in concert since 1981 as an independent orchestra. In its repertoire all kinds of music of the ethnic groups in the Carpathian-basin can be found. The members of the ensemble also deal with the collecting and teaching folk music.

They have taken part in several Hungarian festivals and have performed in other countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, France, Turkey, Finland, Greece, Austria, Israel, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, and Luxembourg. They won one of the most coveted prizes in 1983, "Young Master of Musical Art" and in 1989 they were awarded the order "Excellent Ensemble."

01. Bagpipe Songs From Somogy County
02. Recruiting Music and Csardas
03. No more honour
04. Purtata - Pacalka
05. Hungarian Slow And Fast
06. Forgotten tunes
07. The Sun Has Risen
08. a, March b, Everlasting Peace
09. Chanting At Christmas
10. The Musicians
11. Csango tunes from Moldavia

Ferenc Andrássy - Cimbalom, Double Bass, Drum
Dénes Hruz - Violin, Bagpipe, Voice, Drum
Szabolcs Hruz - Viola, Violin, Kobsa, Voice
István Nagy - Double Bass, Flute, Kaval, Saxaphone


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